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Amarillo Men's Club Pays $35,000 to Settle Unpaid Wage Claims of 3 Dancers

Dec 3, 2016

The Amarillo adult entertainment club known as The Jungle has paid $35,000 ($21,000 in unpaid wages and other damages and $14,000 in legal fees) to three of its former dancers. The dancers claimed that the club illegally classified them as independent contractors. Dancers were required to work for tips alone and were not paid federally required minimum and overtime wages.

The dancers were represented by the Amarillo law firm Young & Newsom, PC. According to shareholder Jeremi Young, "these clubs are notorious for taking advantage of employees by failing to pay minimum wage and instead forcing their employees to work for only tips, which violates federal law." "Dancers, disk jockeys, bouncers, and other workers at these clubs are employees, not contract labor and are entitled be paid at least $7.25 for ever hour worked, plus overtime, regardless of what tips they may receive," said Young.

The Jungle denied liability.