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Apr 9, 2017
Tim Newsom spoke at the 30th Annual Advanced Evidence and Discovery Course sponsored by the State Bar of Texas. The title of Mr. Newsom's presentation was "Preparing the Cast for Center Stage in the Trial Theater".  The presentation discussed preparing witnesses to testify both by deposition and at trial.  The presentation included a critique of testimony given in real lawsuits, including testimony by a rapper, pop artist, Playboy model, and Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marines.
Apr 4, 2017

Young & Newsom, P.C. shareholder Jeremi K. Young was honored to serve as moderator and speaker at the 2017 National Employment Lawyers Association conference entitled Litigating Wage & Hour Cases: Challenges and Opportunities, held in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Along with co-presenters Jessica Bressler and Raymond Wendell, Young spoke on Representing Workers in Motor Carrier Act Cases. The Motor Carrier Act exempts certain employees from being eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

This panel discussed (1) the basic structure of the Motor Carrier Act and the Technical Corrections Act and recent decisions concerning which party has the burden of proof at trial; (2) what courts are saying in mixed fleet cases; (3) the interplay between potentially conflicting Department of Transportation and Department of Labor regulations; (4) strategies to counter the MCA exemption; and (5) discovery strategies and sources of proof for MCA cases going to trial, and much more.